Patient Empowerment

We're glad you're reading this page, because this could be the first step in empowering yourself to make different choices about how much enjoyment you get out of each and every day. It all starts with the desire for it to be a good day, then doing something about it to make it that way. It's all up to you.

If you're suffering from a serious condition, when was the last time you spent the day outside with friends or family having fun? How about going wake boarding or water skiing? Would you like to head up to the mountains to play in the snow during winter? These are just a few ways you can choose to spend your time, getting up, getting out, and creating fun moments and happy memories.

Patient Med Aid is committed to not only provide access to patients for relief from the symptoms they deal with, but also the opportunity to celebrate life through activities they might not otherwise experience. Activities a healthy person might easily ne able to enjoy, like spending time with others, having a picnic or barbeque, going to the beach, a park, the snow, learning to kayak, waterski, snow ski, or ride a wave runner. For those patients who are unable to participate in physical activities, sometimes it's great just to get outside and experience being around others.

If you have any items you'd like to share or donate to Patient Med Aid, such as a kayak, jet ski, boat, or other similar item you no longer use, please consider contacting us and donating to our sister entity.

Below are some links to photos and video clips of people just like you, who have made that choice to get out and enjoy life, doing any number of activities they might have fun at.