Welcome to Patient Med Aid

We're here to help patients with conditions where commonly prescribed pharmaceutical solutions are either ineffective or may lead to unacceptable side-effects or addiction.

A great way to start is by learning more at our patient awareness page, where educational information is available.

The next step is patient empowerment, by making the choice to get up and live, rather than giving up.

We also have patient forms, a password-protected area to learn how you or a loved can can take the next steps to living life to its fullest, and online resources.

Patient Med Aid is dedicated to:

  • all patients everywhere that overcome the trials and tribulations of everyday life through their heroic efforts in dealing with their various disabilities. Especially those patients who recognize, utilize, and appreciate the benefits and medicinal value of medical marijuana.

  • the awareness of the medical marijuana industry responsible for growing, dispensing, and prescribing this wonderful and natural medicine to patients who benefit from it.

  • educating people who may have misinformation or misunderstandings about the many benefits of medical marijuana for patients who might otherwise suffer, becoming dependent on or addicted to the plethora of treatments and pharmaceutical medications prescribed as conventional treatment methods, which all too often lead to negative side effects.

  • those persons who have been unfairly persecuted or prosecuted by "the system" which requires education to effect change.

If you are someone who feels you can provide assistance to Patient Med Aid in any manner, please contact us.


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